Child Support Investigations

Child Support Investigations

When parents divorce, both are required to provide their children with life’s necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing. Sometimes, one parent may try to keep from paying his or her fair share. A person may attempt to hide money or assets to avoid making adequate payments. This can cause the courts to order payments that are inadequate. To avoid this problem, it is helpful to hire a private detective for child support investigations. A professional investigator is able to provide you with the data necessary for the determination of child support payments.

Locating a Non-Custodial Parent

In some instances, it is difficult to locate one of the parents in order to complete the process and to start getting support payments. Texas child support investigations will help you learn important information that can be used to ensure the court orders the correct amount of money from your former spouse.

Some of the things we can find out include:

  • Location of a former spouse
  • Where they are employed
  • Whether they own a home
  • Other assets that belong to them
  • Address and phone number

In some instance, a former spouse may try to keep their assets private by placing them in someone else’s name. It is essential to try to find out whether this was done. If so, the judge may review these assets and determine who actually owns them. Accurate documentation is necessary to prove your case in court.

While the State of Texas may try to locate a deadbeat parent, they might not be as diligent as you would like. It could also take a long time to locate someone in this way. There may be complications, especially if your former spouse has moved out of state. Further complications arise if your ex is deliberately trying to hide from authorities. The better alternative is to opt for a private detective to get you the information more quickly. You and your attorney can utilize the data to your advantage to get you and your child the money that is owed.

Help with Texas Child Support Investigations

Although there are many search engines online that make it possible for people to learn information about someone, these sources cannot always be trusted to provide accurate results. The best way to make sure that you find out the truth is with help from an experienced private detective. At Bond Investigations we have the experience and training necessary to gather the details necessary for your case. We know what’s needed and we have the tools and technology at our disposal that allows us to find out the details that you want to know.

You don’t need to sit back and wait. If your child isn’t receiving money from the non-custodial parent there is something you can do. Resolve the situation with assistance from a professional team that knows exactly how to handle Texas child support investigations. Contact Bond Investigations today to discuss the details of your case.